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4wd slasher handles rough stuff

Hire 4WD Slasher

The 4WD Slasher is and has always been an incredibly popular machine across all Kennards Hire branches. Recently Geoff Lockwood, Public Land Manager of the Cardinia Environment Coalition dropped by the Packenham branch to get some advice on a big job.

Grass had overgrown the access paths at the 2.2 hectare bandicoot reserve called Bandicoot Corner. There was also masses of Cortaderia growing on the access paths, and Geoff was unsure whether or not a slasher would be able to get the job done.

The Pakenham team sent Geoff away with the 4WD Slasher, and the machine took this vast job in its stride. The 4WD Slasher is designed specifically to handle these bigger jobs. Excelling in heavy growth, the 4WD Slasher safely and easily manages steep and rough terrain thanks to its low centre of gravity.

“The team at Kennards Hire Pakenham are always very helpful, and this visit to the branch was no exception,” Geoff explained.

“I had used the 4WD Slasher on a previous job and was thoroughly impressed with how it performed. However, I was unsure if it would have enough power to complete the job at hand this time around. In the end the 4WD Slasher cruised through the work in front of it.”

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