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Air Compressors & Tools

There are an endless amount of applications for pneumatic or air-powered tools. Pneumatic tools are efficient because they allow users to use different tools with the same air compressor, allowing for convenience, quicker jobs and a better power-to-weight ratio than normal electric tools.

Kennards Hire stocks air compressors and tools to suit every DIYer and tradie, and we are sure to have the answer to your compressed air query.

Air compressors
Air compressors provide an efficient and convenient power source for all jobs, from demolition, to spray painting, to inflating a paddling pool. You want to strike a balance between power and portability.

Kennards Hire has air compressors for running small air tools, in electric and petrol models, with a power range of 6-12 cubic foot per minute (cfm). These are ideal for DIY use, or small workshops. If you've just finished a job that needs thousands of pop rivets, then an air compressor is probably just what you were after!

Specifically designed for fencing, Kennards Hire has a 38cfm petrol powered mobile air compressor which drives a pneumatic steel fence post and star picket driver (PPD). It can run up to two PPDs at a time.

For the really big jobs, Kennards Hire has road towable, diesel powered, silenced air compressors. These range in power from 130cfm, 160-190cfm to 250-275cfm. These big units will go anywhere your ute (with tow bar) will, and can power all of the pneumatic tools on your site. These are a great alternative if electrical power is hard to come by, and are also ideal for powering heavy air breakers or jackhammers.


Here at Kennards Hire we enjoy breaking stuff as much as the next person, and we have all the tools to do it!

For heavy duty reinforced concrete breaking, rock excavation, clay digging and more, there are two models of air breakers. There is the silenced 28-30kg medium air breaker, consuming 75cfm and good for concrete up to 100mm thick, and there is the heavier duty 36-41kg air breaker that will deal to concrete up to 200mm.

Other pneumatic drills and tools include rock drills, specifically for concrete and rock, CP9 hammers, small and compact for drilling, chipping and breaking, air drills, and spading hammers for cleaving off clay, tile or other materials. Spading hammers are ideal for awkward jobs, such as overhead tasks, and are light enough to use on a wall.


At Kennards Hire we are also just as keen on putting things back together, and our assortment of air impact wrenches and nail guns will ensure that whatever you put in place stays in place.

Air impact wrenches are available in sizes from 13mm to 25mm, and everywhere in between. Ideal for mechanics pulling wheels off constantly, or anyone who might find themselves driving HUS anchors, HRD anchors or tightening up bolts.

Nail guns are available in every form you can imagine, whether it's an explosive nail gun for fixing wood to concrete, or a cordless finishing nail gun for that extra fine work. We carry nail guns for trussing, framing, decking, fencing, fastening blueboard - if you can name it, Kennards Hire has it. We even carry nail guns for fixing to steel and secret nail guns to hide staples in tongue and groove flooring.

Stapling guns are available for high productivity or repetitive stapling jobs. We also carry needle guns to get rid of flaky rust on steel, when you're working in those awkward positions that won't accommodate an angle grinder.

So, whether you're fixing on fixing, or determined to demolish, Kennards Hire will sort you out with the right tool for the job. Enquire in store now for hire rates.

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