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PROPS - ALLOY SUPER Selected Locations PPDP
Selected Locations PPDP
Make, Model & Specifications may vary


Used to support any multitude of loads and constructions. Mainly for the temporary support of framework for reinforced concrete floors and beams. Ideal for supporting concrete slabs for crane work.

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PROP SUPER 1970MM - 2610MM
Code: 1008590
PROP SUPER 2580MM - 3820MM
Code: 1008595
PROP SUPER 4100MM - 5030MM
Code: 1008600
Length - Adjustable Weight S.W.L
1970 mm - 2610 mm 29 kg 10T
2580 mm - 3820 mm 36 kg 10 T
4095 mm - 5040 mm 43 kg 10T
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