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    2 easy steps to make your living areas more comfortable

    Published on 7 March 2016, Monday, 11:17 PM

    Spending a lot of time in your living areas? If you have a young child then you could be spending a lot more hours around the house than other people, with figures from the Australian Institute of Family Studies stating that parents with a child under the age of five will spend a combined total of 29 hours a week doing household chores.

    With that in mind, you'll want your living areas to be particularly comfortable, for all those hours you will spend cleaning them or even just for when you want a break.

    Below is a list of improvements that could make your home a lot easier to live in, as well as being cost-effective:

    1) Installing an air conditioner

    If you're getting sick of the extreme heat that the Australian sun dishes out, then booking your air conditioner installation today could change the way you operate at home.

    You're likely sick of being too hot with Cairns' average annual temperature sitting at 30 degrees Celsius.

    The average temperature in Cairns, for example, is approximately 30 degrees Celsius annually according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. That even takes into account the cooler winter days, so it's likely that you'll soon be fed up being too hot.

    Air conditioners don't have to be draining on the pocket either, as a single-phase unit must be regulated at 65 kilowatts under Australian law. The Housing Industry Association of Australia reported that in 2008, 66 per cent of all households had heating or cooling units installed in their homes, so it's a popular choice. Looking out for the energy-efficiency rating labels on your purchase could save you a lot of money.

    2) Change up your floor

    When it comes to what aspect of the house people spend the most time in contact with, the floor probably inches out your bed for first place. Having an easily cleaned floor that also looks stylish is hard to come by, but a polished concrete addition might be your answer.

    It takes a little bit of time to polish concrete, but once you lift away your existing carpet or floorboards you may be pleased with what you find. You could hire a concrete mixer, such as this electric one, to make your job a little simpler. Once you have laid a solid foundation, get out your floor polisher and tidy up the aesthetic so that your stylish new living area is complete.

    Concrete floors are also cool to the touch because of how porous they can be, so combined with your new air conditioning unit you will have a very comfortable, cool and stylish space to live in.

    What would polished concrete floors look like in your home?What would polished concrete floors look like in your home?
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