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    2 uses of garden pavers

    Published on 20 June 2014, Friday, 5:21 AM

    Pavers can be used both practically and to decorate you outdoor area.

    Here's how:

    1. Practical use

    Using pavers is a great option if you are looking to rework the landscaping in your garden. They can be used as dividers to separate your flower beds from your main garden, which is a way to keep your entire outdoor area looking pruned and tidy. You can also use them to shape different areas and create zoning which can be filled with gravel, stones or flowers. Large pavers can also be used to create a pathway to different sections of the garden, and can also be staggered to make steps. 

    2. Decoration

    Decorating pavers can be a fun activity for both you and your little ones. You can choose to paint your pavers all one colour or design little pictures for your desired look. shares a fun idea and that's creating your own - it's simply done by mixing up your liquid concrete, sprinkling marbles or coloured glass into the mixture and then leaving to set. You can leave them whole, or we recommended smashing them into small pieces to maximise the pieces of coloured glass on display and using them to decorate your outdoor space.

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