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    24,000 lightning strikes hit New South Wales

    Published on 7 February 2019, Thursday, 5:59 AM

    Storm clean-up is underway in New South Wales and Queensland after the two states were ravaged by wild weather over the weekend.

    Hail stones the size of softballs pelted down on the south-east corner of Queensland, while across the border, Batemans Bay residents witnessed an enormous waterspout which was likened to a twister.

    "On Saturday, softball sized hail nine to ten cm across was reported at Brookstead, west of Toowoomba. There were quite a few places around there had hail of that size," weather forecaster Livio Regano told AAP.

    "On Sunday about 5 pm (AEST), there was a similar sized hail reported around Boonah (west of the Gold Coast)."

    According to a Sky News report on November 19, NSW received 24,000 lightning strikes, with emergency crews inundated with calls for help.

    As the clean-up begins across the two states, tradespeople may find themselves in greater demand as many people struggle to clear fallen trees, conduct roof repairs and deal with flooding.

    Access equipment from Kennards Hire can help tradies carry out work in affected areas, using cherry pickers and scissor lifts to remove dangerous branches and assess roof damage.

    An Energex spokeswoman said severe weather events such as these were a timely reminder for people to ensure they are prepared for the worst.

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