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    5 of the strangest road signs from around the world

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 7:14 AM

    If you are planning to hire road signs to mark out an area of construction, to direct traffic or to indicate there are roadworks coming up, you may be worried about the chances of signage being understood.

    Luckily, Australian road signs are incredibly straightforward and clear, so you can rest assured most road users will understand what they must do in order to avoid the hazard.

    Other signs from around the world, however, may not make their aims so clear. Here are five of the best, to make you even more thankful for Australia's easy to understand notifications!

    "Danger ahead. Fasten safety belts and remove dentures"

    While easy enough to understand, this South African road sign begs many questions - just what kind of dangers will you be approaching on this road?

    "Don't stick your elbow out so far it might go home in another car"

    These warnings were commonly used in the 1930s - 1950s in America. Known as 'Burma Shave' signs, they were commonplace along the two lane roads lining the countryside.

    This was before Interstate Highways were introduced. There were a range of signs and all created a four line poem, with one line per sign, spread out around 100 feet (30 metres) apart. The fifth and final sign bore the name of a popular shaving cream - Burma Shave.

    Other signs warning of the dangers of driving included: "A man - a miss, a car - a curve, he kissed the miss, but missed the curve" and "around the curve, lickety-split, beautiful car, wasn't it?"

    "Ignore Sat Navs follow signs"

    With more and more people relying on technology to direct them from A to B, it's no wonder someone has created a sign advising people to ignore their satellite navigation systems in place of some common sense behaviours.

    Sometimes, areas of road works do not appear on these navigational systems, so it becomes important for drivers to follow signs instead.

    "Caution zombies ahead!!!"

    Spotted on a customisable LED sign, this sign was clearly a joke. However, it does show how these customisable signs can be used to warn of specific hazards - although more traditional warnings are recommended Down Under.

    Happy children at play. No loitering after dusk

    Something all road users - including those in the maintenance business - should be aware of is the risk children pose. While this sign points out the dangers to happy children, make sure you also keep an eye out for sad children as well.

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