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    5 stylish ways to use concrete in your home

    Published on 14 May 2019, Tuesday, 10:56 PM

    If you are after a versatile, hardy yet stylish material to use as a feature in your home, look no further than concrete.

    This wonderful substance can be used in many ways outside your home, but there are some great ways to transform it into an indoor material as well - here are some top suggestions.


    To create a more modern and rugged appearance in your home, you could add a splash of concrete. if you've ever seen the inside of an industrial loft, you will be familiar with the look.

    Concrete can be used in place of a painted feature wall to inject some personality into your home. Just make sure you balance the heaviness of the wall with windows or other lights.

    Painted floors

    While you may envisage dark, dingy basements when you think of concrete floors, these can be updated with a lick of paint. You will need to clean the concrete before you pull out the paintbrushes, but this is an easy way to update your look and can create something magical. 

    You will need to ensure you use paint specifically designed for the task. Many paint options are designed only for wood and so might not be appropriate for concrete flooring.

    Concrete sinks and countertops

    If you are going to create a DIY sink from this material, you may need to get a machine to cut concrete involved, However, these sinks are great in the kitchen thanks to the durability of concrete.

    Simply take a concrete slab and create a beautiful feature for your kitchen that can handle the rough treatment it will be given in this room of the house.


    Concrete and fireplaces are a natural mix. No matter whether you are after a modern take or you are going for a vintage feel, there will be the right choice for your home.

    In fact, concrete is a great option for this project, as it can make the fireplace appear sleek and uncluttered thanks to its clean lines.

    Concrete can be shaped and coloured to fit the space and as far as materials go, can be significantly cheaper than stone or brick.

    Bathroom accents

    Whether you choose to mould concrete into a sink, bath or vanity, you can attain graceful curves that can look bold and contemporary as well as warm and welcoming.

    Rather than creating solid structures from this material, another option could be to add concrete tiles to your vanity or shower.

    Concrete is a good material to use in the bathroom as it can be cast to accommodate existing plumbing configurations and can be moulded to fit around any space restrictions.

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