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Project Overview

This video highlights three vehicles from our extensive vehicle range, mainly focusing on our tippers. Kennards Hire has one-ton table top range our fleet as well. The two ton tipper is in most states and is available in five or six ton.  You will need a truck licence for tippers over the two ton range, so make sure you talk to your branch staff to confirm if you have the right licence. The vehicles functions of the blinkers, wipers, etc. are all standard on these tippers. The only extra function is the tipping operation to get the back up.  These a great for any major clean-ups, earthmoving or transporting a large amount of material.

Always, think safety first when operating any machinery or vehicles. Check your environment, have a look up and around the vehicle, make sure there's no power lines, carports, trees, anything that could going to interfere. Make sure you're also on a level surface, not too much of a lean.  The last thing you want is to have the tipping body going up and actually rolling over the tipper.

First make sure the vehicle is in neutral, and your foot is on the brake. With the automatic tippers, it's a simple press of the button to power up the tipper. We've double-checked our environment, always keep an eye on your mirrors, and then engage the tipping lever. As the lever comes down, the body of the back comes up. Always just check throughout the tipping process to make sure no one's around. 

Kennards Hire has the experience and know how to help you with your next project.  Get in touch with your local branch today by visiting https://www.kennardshire.co.nz/branch/.


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