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    A hygienic work site - 2 products you'll need

    Published on 1 August 2016, Monday, 3:12 AM

    For when nature calls and you're on a construction site, the most relieving image you can imagine is a vacant portable toilet.

    On big jobs, such as major national constructions or working on a skyscraper, there are always going to be a lot of people around. Everyone needs to use the loo, there's no point beating around the bush. Sometimes the odd shower is required too, especially if you're meeting a special someone after a hard day on the job.

    Having portable toilets and showers on site, enough to cater to everyone in your employ, will reduce downtime waiting for a loo to become free, but also increase hygiene. Here's how:

    Queuing for the loo

    When you really need to go to the bathroom, everything else becomes a secondary task. There's no way you would be able to operate a petrol jackhammer when you've got a bursting bladder. You'd put your tools down and rush over to one of the portable toilets on site.

    Having enough loos available for your workers can make all the difference.Having enough loos available for your workers can make all the difference.

    If you're unfortunate enough to walk up to a toilet in use, then you'll either have to find a vacant one, or just wait it out until the outhouse frees up. There's no use in trying to go back to your work, because you certainly won't be able to focus on it, and besides, the cubicle in front of you could open up at any moment.

    If you haven't got enough options installed around the work site, then queuing could occur. People will be waiting in line to answer nature's call, and thus not making the most of the hours you're paying them for. This is easily avoided.

    If people using the toilet aren't feeling rushed, then they can take their time to be hygienic as well. They can wash their hands with soap and dry them properly, instead of flushing and rushing.

    Why would you ever need a portable shower?

    It might seem like an extravagant addition to a work site, but including a portable shower can serve many purposes.

    A shower can increase the hygiene of your employees, but also make the site more convenient.A shower can increase the hygiene of your employees, but also make the site more convenient.

    For employees that normally need to get away early to get ready for their evening, they can instead just shower at work and head straight to their destination. This is also a necessity for many people doing a bathroom installation, or even for bathroom DIY projects, where their usual shower would be inaccessible.

    Portable showers are great for getting rid of muck or any corrosive materials that might splash onto skin. It's convenient, and it can be safe to include a portable shower block as well.

    For whatever sort of work site you're operating, having portable toilets and showers could make the difference between a comfortable and hygienic place, and one that breeds unwanted germs. Kennards Hire can help, so get in touch today!

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