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    A quick, easy way to spruce up your deck

    Published on 23 December 2016, Friday, 12:03 AM

    As the last drips of the spring rain fade away and summer enters full swing, you'll want your deck looking as good as can be. However, the continued effects of exposure to the elements and ever-trampling feet can take their toll on even the most robust of decks, so it really pays to give yours a good going over in time for summer.

    A well looked after deck can provide you with decades of exemplary service, whether you're hosting a party in late summer or an impromptu barbecue to watch the afternoon footy match. Here is a quick, easy way you can keep your deck in tip-top condition.  

    A well looked after deck can provide you with decades of exemplary service.

    Give it a sweep and spray

    Over the colder months, all manner of clutter could have taken residence on your deck. Leaves, twigs, and other assorted foliage may cover it, along with a host of other stuff left out there by you or your family. So, the first step to giving your deck a good going over is to clear the amassed debris. Move any items - even ones that you're going to put back once you're done - off the deck.

    Next, take a lawn blower and shift those pesky leaves into one big pile, which you should then bag up. If there is any debris wedged in between your deck's cracks, a small tool should be able to slip in and hook them out.

    Now use a pressure washer to spray off the surface of the deck and help get it clean. Turn the power up if you're met with any stubborn spots, but be careful not hold the nozzle too close to the wood, or you run the risk of damaging it. The perfect distance to keep is around a metre, and when you've finished spraying, allow the surface to dry off.

    A beautiful, clean deck can really add the extra something to your garden. A beautiful, clean deck can really add the extra something to your garden.

    Add the finishing touches

    In these environmentally conscious times, you won't want to be using harsh chemicals to brighten up your deck. Luckily, there is a green option which is also remarkably inexpensive. Sodium percarbonate is available at many garden centres - it's a chemical that should be dissolved in warm water before use. This causes it to release hydrogen peroxide and, brilliantly, oxygen.

    Yes, the very same gas that we breathe. Mould and fungi are particularly susceptible to reacting oxygen, so by spraying the mixture across the surface, even the dirtiest, most discoloured decks can appear shiny and new after a good dosage. After you've sprayed the solution, leave it for about an hour. Once you return, give your deck a good scrub and spray off any remaining residue with plain old water. You don't need to worry about the mixture harming your plants, soil or deck itself - even though it fizzes like a strong acid, sodium percarbonate is gentle on wood and causes no harm to the environment.

    Don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Kennards Hire for more advice about cleaning up your deck.

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