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    Advertise your event to locals with VMS

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 6:23 AM

    If you are the organiser of a regular event and are looking for ways to increase its public profile and boost attendance, perhaps it is time to take a direct approach to advertising on the day.

    We would all love to spread the word about our ventures via television and radio advertisements, but in many cases the budget simply does not provide scope for such expensive mediums - so you need to look at alternative methods to get people talking.

    There is no doubt newspaper and magazine ads will let potential visitors know the what, where and when of your event in advance, but it might also prove useful to target casual patrons who happen to be walking or driving past on a relaxing weekend.

    Whether you are responsible for the smooth operation of a Sunday market, car yard, outdoor theatre display or anything else that might attract people from the local area to take a look - clear and effective signage is a must.

    Pedestrians might see or hear the action taking place in the park or town square, but to really draw them in it is a good idea to use variable message signs (VMS) stating the specific nature of the event and other details such as entry fee, special guests or extra features.

    It is also important to investigate whether or not you require council permission to use traffic signs in the area.

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    Nathan Mills
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