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    All about lifting: Top ways to protect your back

    Published on 28 February 2016, Sunday, 9:54 PM

    On a work site it's not unusual to have to undertake some heavy lifting. Often certain equipment needs to be shifted from one location to another.

    However, if not done correctly, this can result in damage to your muscoskeletal system. Here are some important tips to ensure your back, ligaments and tendons are all protected when you're lifting a pump from one location to the next.

    Make a plan

    Before picking up an item to shift it, make sure you have a clear path leading to your final destination as this will prevent you from making awkward movements or having an accident along the way.

    If you are picking up something with a friend, make sure you are both aware of the plan, so you can easily work together to protect your bodies.

    Perfect your stance

    Make sure you stand with your feet shoulder width apart and one leg raised slightly forward to maintain balance and provide you with a solid base for your lift.

    Having your feet too close together will mean you will be unstable, while too far apart means you won't be able to move as freely.

    You could set your foot alongside the load to be picked up if it is on the ground. You must also be aware you may need to move your feet in order to maintain a stable posture.

    Make sure the load is also kept close to your waist when you lift and that your spine is straight and back steady - it is important not to bend or twist your back when lifting.

    Get a good hold

    If you can, try to hug the load tightly to your body, with the heaviest part closest to you. This guarantees you a stronger and more stable lift.

    It is essential that you have a firm hold on the object you are lifting and that it is well balanced against you.

    Use the right muscles

    That six-pack must come in handy at some point and here is your opportunity! Use your stomach muscles to put you in a good lifting position and prevent you placing excessive force on your spine.

    It is equally important to use you legs. Remember these limbs are much more powerful than your back muscle. When you pick up your item, make sure you lower yourself to the ground by bending your knees and keeping your back straight.

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