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    All you need to know about groundcare equipment

    Published on 28 February 2016, Sunday, 8:58 PM

    If you're responsible for a large property, then you'll likely understand the importance of a good set of groundcare tools. This is the equipment that's especially useful for keeping grass length in check, easily moving earth around when needed and even sowing fields.

    At Kennards Hire, we've got a wide range of groundcare equipment that's sure to meet your requirements, whether tackling weekend DIY or a commercial job. In this piece, we'll take a look at several different types of equipment and what they can do for you.


    Sowing seeds is an important part of any lawn care operation, but it's understandably difficult and time consuming when having to do so for a large field. This is where specialised equipment is extremely useful, and Kennards Hire has a large range available.

    Aeravators are often one of the better options, and many include seeders so the soil can be aerated and sown at the same time. Simply attach these to a tractor, and a field can be finished in no time at all. For more demanding applications, a deep tine aerator is fit for purpose. These can aerate to a depth of 350mm, and work well for golf courses.

    Lawn rollers are an easy to use, unpowered option for soil aeration, and can promote lush growth. They can also be filled with water if needed to gain penetration.

    Wood chippers

    Sometimes old trees have to be removed from a property, a task that usually crops up when carrying out property renovations or simply tidying an area of the grounds. Once you've cut down the trees, however, you're going to need to turn the logs and waste into something more useful. This is where chippers come into play.

    Chippers make it easy to recycle the excess material into wood chips that can be spread over gardens and disposed of more easily.

    At Kennards Hire, we have both 100mm chippers and 225mm chippers that can be easily towed to the location where you've stored the waste. Our 225mm chipper is a commercial grade piece of equipment that can process a whopping seven tonnes of green waste every single hour.


    Slightly less involved than wood chipping and aerating soil is mowing grass, a task that needs to be performed on a regular basis. Of course, this can often prove time consuming if you're using equipment that can't keep up. We can solve this problem with broad area mowers, outfront mowers and zero turn mowers that can tackle even the most demanding lawn care jobs. Slasher attachments are perfect for broad acre slashing.

    But what's the best mower for each type of job?

    A zero turn mower is often perfect for large areas as well as home use, but only if you have a large property. A broad area mower, on the other hand, is a true commercial piece of equipment. It can deliver 3350mm cutting width and 4.3 hectares per hour.

    The 1500 slasher attachment is a great tool if you want to attach it to a tractor, and it pays to consider the unit if you don't want to hire a vehicle.

    Tractors and utility Vehicles

    But how can you actually use these pieces of equipment that need to be attached to a vehicle? With a tractor from Kennards Hire. Just like the attachments, we have an extensive range of vehicles that can tackle a wide variety of jobs.

    The Kubota diesel tractor comes with a loader/backhoe, and it's also compact for easy operation in a range of tight areas. Our 47hp tractor, on the other hand, has an electric starting PTO as well as four wheel drive. Added turf tyres make it easy to work on lawn grounds.

    For transporting equipment across a large work area, the 4x2 Toro workman utility vehicle is easy to control and works in a number of areas. You simply depress the foot pedal to start it.

    Ground protection

    Lastly, there's ground protection. If you're doing any sort of work on a lawn or landscaped area and moving heavy equipment in, it's important to consider the viability of ground protection mats. These can essentially eliminate any damage to lawns that's caused by heavy vehicles, whether on grass, sand or mud.

    They're extremely useful given how flexible they are, as they can be laid out exactly where required. Before hiring any vehicle, it's important to think about protecting the ground with the right mats.

    The right equipment is important, so make sure to get in touch with Kennards Hire if you want to source the best tools for the job. Check out our range online or head into one of our many branches.

    We've got everything from handheld tools right through to Bobcat diggers to ensure you can get your job done.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.