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    Apprentice seriously hurt in plumbing job

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 4:34 AM

    When working outdoors, it's important to remember that the weather can cause havoc, and can make it difficult to complete an otherwise routine job.

    A 17-year-old plumbing apprentice was seriously hurt in south-west Sydney yesterday (February 27) when he was crushed by a concrete slab.

    The Daily Telegraph reported that the apprentice had been digging a trench beneath a driveway, when the concrete collapsed around him.

    It was indicated by early reports that the recent rains had drenched the soil and made it unstable.

    The teenager was treated for shock at the scene, and was listed to be in a stable condition last night.

    It's essential that plumbers, builders and other tradies alike take the necessary precautions to help ensure their safety on the job.

    As well as following safe work procedures, it's important to use the right equipment for the job, as it not only helps to produce quality work but can also reduce the risk of an accident.

    Using the wrong equipment for a concreting, digging or wire installation job could be a high danger risk.

    Kennards Hire has a large range of tools and equipment for various jobs, with earthmoving machinery such as trenchers, excavators and mini loaders ready for hire.

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