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    Asbestos course launched in ACT

    Published on 29 January 2019, Tuesday, 5:42 AM

    Tradies in the Australian Capital Territory may be interested in a new asbestos awareness training course launched by the local government this week (July 30).

    Territory minister for industrial relations Chris Bourke said the course, organised by the ACT Construction Industry Training Council, will work alongside regulators, employer and staff representatives and local training organisations.

    He commented: "This is a safety course so workers know if they have come across asbestos and they know who to call to deal with it.

    "The four-hour asbestos awareness course advises workers who may come into contact with asbestos in the workplace where it might be and how to identify it."

    Mr Bourke said the new course would combine local expertise and practical jurisdiction to better manage and educate tradesmen and other workers who may be exposed to the dangerous material.

    Asbestos was a popular substance used in a variety of industrial environments - including prevalent use in insulation, housing and fencing work across Australia during the postwar housing boom.

    With many of these properties now requiring renovations due to their age, it is important that tradesmen involved in work with asbestos know how to recognise the material, and how to implement safety measures to ensure protection at the workplace.

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