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    Asbestos plan 'well-intentioned' but misguided, says MBA

    Published on 20 February 2019, Wednesday, 7:58 PM

    The government recently (June 2) announced the implementation of the asbestos inspection strategy, but Master Builders Australia (MBA) is calling for more thought to be put into the initiative before going ahead.

    Chief executive officer of the MBA, Wilhelm Harnisch pointed out that while the strategy to inspect all homes before sale or lease is well intentioned, there are many risks for households to consider before charging ahead.
    "Asbestos is difficult to identify with the naked eye. In many instances in order to accurately identify asbestos, a sample needs to be taken to a lab for examination," he said in a statement released June 3.

    Mr Harnisch was concerned about the people who might be undertaking this difficult task of checking properties for the harmful mineral.

    "Asbestos should only be handled by a trained professional who might have to spend time getting samples in hard to reach places such as ceilings, walls, under carpets and floors and even in or around swimming pools to get a sample."

    Last month the Gillard government announced $10.5 million in funding to help protect future generations from asbestos, tackling illegal dumping, safe disposal and removals.

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