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    Attenuators and safer road works

    Published on 23 January 2019, Wednesday, 3:53 AM

    For councils and community organisations planning construction projects on transport routes, the safety benefits of attenuators and other road signs cannot be ignored.

    Having the ability to communicate clearly the possibility of upcoming hazards or traffic blockages on a motorist's route can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and congestion, both before and during the construction phase.

    Hiring such equipment can be the best option for such temporary work where public and worker safety as well as timeliness are equally important.

    North Melbourne road users in the Thomastown and Bundoora areas should look out for enhanced roadway information around the M80 ring road, as the upgrading project has entered its newest phase.

    Minister for Roads Terry Mulder highlighted the importance of this particular stretch of roadway - stating that 140,000 drivers use it every day - and also pointed out the project's focus on public safety and information updates.

    "The safety of all road users and workers is paramount so we ask drivers take extra care through construction areas and be alert to these changes," he said.

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