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    Autumn garden maintenance made easy

    Published on 6 April 2016, Wednesday, 11:34 PM

    Getting right up into the trees around your property can be a real pain, but Kennards Hire has the machinery and equipment to not only make it easier, but safer as well.

    In autumn, there always seems to be more of a focus on minimising the amount of leaves that fall on properties every day. If you're out in the garden every single weekend clearing leaves from your lawn, driveway or pool, maintaining your property by lopping some of the big branches off of your tallest seasonal trees might save you a lot of time in the long run.

    Leaves, behold the cherry picker

    If only clearing debris from your property was as easy as saying so, gardening might not be such a chore. One of the major limits to people keeping their properties in tip-top condition is access to certain parts of their real estate - a 7.5-metre cherry picker from Kennards Hire is just one option that can put you just about anywhere.

    You could save a bit of money and do it by yourself which is where equipment hire can help.

    IBISWorld reports that gardening services in Australia generate $3 billion in revenue every year, so the industry is clearly popular for Aussie families. You could save a bit of money and do it by yourself, though, and that's where gardening equipment hire can help.

    Once you're up high (and on level ground), there aren't any physical restrictions when trimming branches from trees, and when you're done in one area, simply hop down to the ground, move the machine and get back up there. The trimming job can be simplified even more by using a 300-millimetre two-stroke chain saw.

    Power sucks

    Once you have removed the branches, you'll almost certainly have a bit of a mess to tidy up at ground level. Bending over to pick the leaves and small sticks up that aren't quite as easy to grip as the bigger branches and sticks can be a hassle on your back. That's where a petrol-powered outdoor vacuum comes into its own.

    More powerful than an electric one, this piece of equipment is going to make the cleaning process a real breeze. Simply point and watch the leaves and small sticks disappear - it's as easy as that.

    Take the hard work of raking out of the equation.Take the hard work of raking out of the equation.

    It will come in most handy during the autumn months, although if there is the odd weekend where the in-laws are visiting and you want to give the place a bit of sprucing up, then flying around the property with a leaf sucker will be (almost) a walk in the park.

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