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    Bathroom renovating ideas and trends for 2014

    Published on 25 March 2014, Tuesday, 11:02 PM

    Are you looking at making some upgrades or renovations to your home by undergoing some bathroom DIY? Here are some great ideas to get your imagination flowing.


    The top bathroom colours to keep an eye out for in the coming year include black, grey and other neutral shades.

    Many are choosing to give their powder rooms a chic, glamorous look with black and white contrasts. Patterned wallpaper and plenty of fabric accents are wonderful additions you are sure to spot in the guest bathroom.

    The master bathroom may benefit more from a matte tile and blue-grey combination. Think about concrete tones if you are renovating this room.


    This material is experiencing somewhat of a revival when it comes to bathrooms, with wooden floors, shower floors, beams and unpainted panelled walls becoming hot ticket items this season.

    This will give homes a really rustic quality that can appeal to those waning to give a warm vibe, or an earthy quality.


    The trend of big shower doors, windows and single-sheet backpainted glass tiles has continued to rise in popularity and can help you to create a big, airy and modern looking bathroom.

    Asian-style bathrooms

    Envisage the simple, sleek lines of modern design here and picture yourself in a high end spa. If you choose to update your bathroom to fit this look, make sure you include plenty of simple fixtures as well as wide open spaces, natural lighting and a few live plants.

    Orchids or bamboo work well if you are going for an oriental theme.

    Water-saving features

    Renovators are starting to look at the effect their choices are having on the environment, and items such as water-saving showers are becoming more and more popular.

    Dual flushed toilets are another trend that can help to reduce the amount of water used in your home.

    Double vanity

    Many couples looking to buy or renovate are on the hunt for a master bathroom with two sinks so they don't need to share. Consider this when you are renovating as it might help you to sell your property further down the track.


    It is also becoming increasingly important to maximise the space you already have in your home - consider adding additional storage where you can. Items such as recessed niche shelves and pull out drawers will look stylish as well as be a great way to store all your necessary bathroom equipment.

    Bathroom lighting 

    Built in night lights are another addition to consider and can make your bathroom easier to navigate at nighttime, particularly if you have guests or children.You could also consider installing designer lighting.

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