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    Best plants to grow in coastal areas

    Published on 7 February 2019, Thursday, 5:47 AM

    With many parts of Australia blessed to be in close proximity to seaside areas, backyard gardens in these regions should be designed for specific coastal conditions.

    Whether you live close by Sydney's eastern beaches, along Victoria's rugged shoreline or near Western Australia's sweeping coast, it is important to consider what plants are best suited for this kind of environment.

    Living near the seaside has a multitude of benefits, but the quality of the soil isn't one of them, meaning it takes a special kind of plant to withstand the harsh conditions of a coastal environment.

    The following are some of our favourite coastal plants that you may like to consider when embarking on your garden DIY project.

    Coastal pigface

    This native succulent is ideal in sandy, shallow soils, making it perfect for seaside areas. This species can be invasive so take care when choosing where to plant this variety.


    Also known as grass trees, this hardy plant can survive in almost any environment. These are best grown from seedlings because of their high transplant failure rate.

    Coastal banksia

    This resilient shrub is well suited to the coastal areas of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Growing up to 25 metres in height, the coastal banksia is perfect as a feature plant in the backyard.

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