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    Brighten your winter garden with tropical blooms

    Published on 29 January 2019, Tuesday, 6:26 AM

    Queensland has seen plenty of wet weather this winter - and while this has created problems in some vegie and flower gardens, it's good news for those who love winter flowering shrubs.

    According to Neil Fisher of the Northern Star, this type of plant thrives in wet weather - and when conditions are gloomy, there's nothing lovelier than a bright blossom.

    For DIY garden inspiration, north Queenslanders need only to look at the public landscaping in Mackay and Rockhampton - Gazanias scandens, for example, is available in a multitude of different colours for a burst of rainbow hues to brighten up any day.

    The Clerodendrum splendens, which is more commonly known as the bleeding heart, is a lovely accent for fences or trellises, while roadside gardens can be brightened up by the evolvulus pilosus, which is sometimes referred to as blue eyes thanks to its distinct blue flower.

    Queensland gardening expert Annette McFarlane asserts that in tropical climates - including the northern tip of the state to Rockhampton in the south - winter is also a great time to get out and plant.

    In August, the begonias are in full bloom, while cosmos, celosia, amaranthus, phlox and sunflowers can all be sown.

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