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    Building a shed for spring storage

    Published on 8 March 2019, Friday, 5:21 AM

    With spring just around the corner, you made need to construct a small shelter for all your tools - whether it's a simple lawn mower or beefier earthmoving equipment for large landscaping jobs.

    No matter how you arrange it, the space always seems to run out in your garage or basement, and often, these are inconvenient places to store items you're using in your yard or garden on a weekly - if not daily - basis.

    One of the most common landscaping ideas for DIY enthusiasts is to construct an aesthetically pleasing shed that is equally as functional. Depending on your construction skill level, you may want to weigh two different options. You can either buy a kit that has all the parts and just needs to be assembled, or you can do it from scratch.

    Whichever option you choose, make sure you've got the right power tools to get the job done. If you're going cordless, choose products with plenty of battery life, and if you've got powerful tools that need to be plugged in, you may want to invest in a generator.

    Building a shed is a great garden DIY project, and virtually anyone can do this with the right expertise and tools.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.