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    Building apprentice numbers fall around Australia

    Published on 20 February 2019, Wednesday, 7:57 PM

    Master Builders Australia (MBA) has pointed out a "worrying trend decline" in the number of apprentices around the country.

    According to the group, the number of construction trade apprenticeship commencements fell 12 per cent in 2012, and have now fallen 32 per cent from 2010.

    Wilhelm Harnisch, chief executive officer of MBA, pinpointed some causes of the trend.

    "The industry has endured poor trading conditions in a weakening economy for more than a year. Unfortunately, several companies have downsized or worse still closed their doors. Sadly, this has had a dramatic effect on apprenticeship uptake," he said.

    The trend is hurting some building companies now, and Mr Harnisch is concerned for the future of the building industry if changes aren't made shortly.

    "Unless the apprenticeship intake improves significantly, there will be a significant shortfall in skilled labour, which will increase building costs and delay projects as industry activity recovers after a prolonged downturn."

    Mr Harnisch mentioned Apprentice Kickstart Bonus as the kind of incentive that Australia needs to see more of to mitigate the issue.

    The bonus incentivises employers to take on apprentices in the building and construction sector with additional funding.

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