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    Building Code of Australia's amended lighting laws can help reduce energy consumption in homes

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 4:20 AM

    If you're embarking on a home renovation or considering building a new home, you may be required to follow lighting regulations depending on where you live.

    The Building Code of Australia put into effect amended regulations for lighting during the second half of 2011, affecting New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

    These restrictions state that homes are only allowed to use five watts per square metre for internal lighting, compared to the former 25 watts per square metre.

    Homes will be assessed according to the lighting plan submitted to the private certified or building inspector, with electrical contractors Everest Electrical stating that those who fail to comply will not be granted the Certificate of Occupancy.

    Everest Electrical says that the new regulations are proving to be a "bit of a challenge", particularly for those who are used to a lot of light in their homes.

    Electrical companies in Sydney are taking the responsibility of helping homeowners come up with solutions to help comply to the restrictions when they build a new home or have one renovated.

    Choosing the right placement for lighting features can instantly increase their illuminating ability, says Everest Electrical, a strategy that is especially helpful when using LED lights.

    The company also says that making the best use of natural light through the strategic positioning of skylights and windows can help to reduce the need to turn on lights.

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