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    Canadian employment opportunities for Aussie tradies

    Published on 8 February 2019, Friday, 6:11 AM

    Australian tradies are being targeted under a new initiative from the Canadian government that aims to address a severe labour shortage in the country.

    Citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism minister Jason Keeny said Canada's federal Skilled Trades Program would attract overseas workers - including professionals from Australia.

    He explained: "The new Skilled Trades Stream will help address serious labour shortages in some regions of the country, and support economic growth.

    "For too long, Canada's immigration system has not been open to these in-demand skilled workers. These changes are long overdue and will help us move to a fast and flexible immigration system that works for Canada's economy."

    The scheme may attract the interest of Aussie tradies, with the only conditions being that workers meet a basic language requirement, have at least two years' experience as a skilled tradesperson and have an offer of employment in Canada.

    Electricians, pipefitters, welders and heavy-duty equipment mechanics are just some of the trades being sought through the program.

    A full list of occupations that qualify for the immigration program will be announced over the coming weeks.

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