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    Childproofing your bathroom

    Published on 7 March 2013, Thursday, 1:01 AM

    If you have little ones in your home and you're currently renovating the bathroom, you may want to implement some ideas that will help to make the area safer for your kids.

    Wet floors combined with slippery baths and electricity can pose a number of safety issues, so here are some tips on childproofing your bathroom.

    Child-resistant tap attachments

    Toddlers are an inquisitive and playful bunch, and if you leave them for a second there's no way of knowing what trouble they can get up to!

    Installing child-resistant tap attachments can help to ensure that your young ones can't flood the bath or get scalded with hot water.

    You can purchase these tap attachments from plumbing retailers or hardware stores.

    Rounded edges

    When designing your bathroom make sure to use rounded edges in every aspect, including the bath, vanity and shelves, so that your children won't injure themselves on a sharp corner.

    Grab bars

    Consider attaching a grab bar next to your bath, so that your children can safely reach them and steady themselves when climbing out.

    Safety glass

    Choosing safety glass as your tub or shower door is always the way to go!

    Anti-skid bath mats

    Purchase a bath mat that has firm gripping on the floor, so even if it gets wet, your kids won't go slipping and sliding around the bathroom.

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