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    Choose the right trash pump for your project

    Published on 20 June 2016, Monday, 7:35 AM

    Water removal is no easy task, which is why many people turn to pump hire to make the job a whole lot easier. However, as soon as you start looking at what's available, you will soon realise how many different types of trash pump are on offer.

    Each will have its own characteristics and merits, so make sure you weigh up the pros and cons before deciding which will be most useful to your project.

    What type of water do you need to remove?

    Water varies depending on where in the country you're located, and what the surrounding conditions are like. Some trash pumps are better designed for moving clear water, while others will make a better job of transferring liquid that's laden with silt and debris.

    Each trash pump will have a different delivery capability.

    According to Water and Wastes Digest, centrifugal and semi-trash pumps work in exactly the same way - except for one key difference. The latter have more rigid internal components and a larger opening where the water is discharged, enabling water to pass through more freely.

    In the event there are large pieces of rubble in the water supply, this is when you'll need a fully-fledged trash pump. This is likely to be the best choice if you're dealing with sandy, dirty water.

    How much delivery can I expect from the trash pump?

    Each trash pump you look at will have a different delivery capability - namely the amount of water it can move in the space of an hour. This is another feature you will need to look at closely, especially in situations where there are large volumes of water.

    You might also want to consider the length of the cord on the pump, as this may inhibit your progress if your power source is a particularly large distance away.

    Removing water is made possible with a trash pump.Removing water is made possible with a trash pump.

    How portable does the trash pump need to be?

    Another issue worth considering is portability. This is especially important if you're removing water across a large area and need to complete the job as soon as possible.

    Many of the options you'll come across when you take a closer look at pump hire will be highly portable. Don't be fooled by the lightweight materials, as they'll still be capable of completing the task at hand.

    However, in heavy duty situations it might not be possible to use a relocatable trash pump in quite the same way. Make sure you find out exactly what you're hiring so you can rest assured knowing it will be the best option.

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