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    Choosing the right curtains, drapes and blinds

    Published on 7 February 2019, Thursday, 5:40 AM

    A good set of curtains can make a huge difference to the appearance of a room - complementing the existing decor or making a statement of its own.

    Curtains and blinds can also be used strategically to allow more light into an area, opening up a room which can make it appear more spacious.

    Sheer varieties are perfect for lighting, while still giving you lots of privacy. These can be used by themselves or together with different types of curtains.

    Block out or black out curtains are made out of a heavy fabric that has a special material on its backing that keeps away light and heat. These are ideal for those who want to keep their house cool during summer.

    Blinds are classic, stylish, practical and easy to care for. Available in a number of different finishes, such as timber, blinds are a great alternative to curtains as they go with almost any colour scheme and provide a room with a timeless look.

    If you have a large bay window or French doors you may want consider a roller blind. Available in a number of decorative patterns and stylish colours, these are well suited to blocking light out of a room.

    When hanging drapes, curtains or blinds, you may want to use a ladder or trestle from your local Kennards Hire to ensure that you get a professional result.

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    Nathan Mills
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