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    Conquering the concrete: Scrubbing and sweeping your way to spotlessness

    Published on 5 March 2019, Tuesday, 4:34 AM

    Where there are people, there are messes.

    Take a look at any outdoor event where the masses congregate for a few hours, then leave abruptly with a street full of trash in their wake. Whether it's festivals at a major intersection in the city centre, a corporate function, a concert or even high foot-traffic areas, there will always be lingering trash and grime.

    While picking up this mess by hand is certainly noble, it isn't exactly efficient. Enter the integrated scrubber sweeper, which does the duties of several workers at once and can clean up to 21,000 square metres per hour.

    Integrated design

    Integrated outdoor scrubber sweepers are a far cry from traditional scrubbers, too. These machines can clean up to three times longer than other equipment, keeping downtime to a minimum. One controller can cruise aboard the sweeper until the entire job is done.

    What's more, these products are much greener than their conventional counterpart. Putting advanced chemical-free technology to work, these machines can reduce overall water consumption by as much as 70 percent.

    The word "integrated" likely conjures up images of do-it-all, Swiss-army style products, and Kennards outdoor scrubber sweepers don't disappoint.

    Designed with a side brush that gives the machine a huge edge over traditional scrubber models, the integrated sweeper can get close up against curbs and walls, leaving no concrete unwashed. Including this feature, the machine has a total brushing area of 160cm.

    Perhaps even more impressive is the scrubber sweeper's total scrubbing area. At 155cm, operators are able to clean wide swaths of concrete on one pass.

    Supplementing the scrubbers is a high-pressure washer that can blast water at 2200 psi in an area of 7.6m.

    All of this is run by a powerful liquefied petroleum gas motor, replacing a traditional battery as the primary energy source and further decreasing the need for downtime.

    Combine all of this with a sleek design, and you've got a lean, green concrete cleaning machine.

    At just over 1,800kg, the machine won't be a gas guzzler, resulting in lower costs over the long-term. Its width, at 1,625cm, was designed for a large sweeping area without being too bulky, which could cause problems if the cleaning area gets tight.

    For the tough concrete cleaning duties, its best to go with an outdoor scrubber sweeper from Kennards to ensure the job gets done right the first time.

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