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    Council generator hire for jobs on remote sites

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 5:36 AM

    Councils are often called on to perform a variety of beautification projects around the local area, from the upkeep of parks and gardens to the renovation of a decrepit or damaged site.

    And whether it is a simple job that can be completed in a few hours or a more complicated task that might take multiple days, one of the biggest factors for the team to consider is how power will be achieved on location.

    The builders might require electric generators in order to operate power tools when mending broken play equipment or correcting signage that has been uprooted by storms or vandalism.

    For council activities taking place in more remote areas where access to amenities is limited, it may be necessary to rely on generator hire so that a fridge can run throughout the project - keeping beverages cool and snacks fresh.

    Small councils may not necessarily feel the need - or be able to afford - to own all the different sizes and power levels of generators that are available, but when a job requires completion in a timely manner it is important to hire the right equipment.

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    Nathan Mills
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