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    Crane hire for lifting glass on large-scale projects

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 5:56 AM

    When it comes to fitting glass panels into windows and doors at heights, tradies will be well aware of the need to rely on safe and effective lift-and-shift equipment to get the job done with minimal risk in the shortest timeframe.

    Whether it is a small repair task on a multi-storey private home or a large-scale contract to provide the windows for a new commercial building such as a supermarket, glaziers may need to hire the appropriate items for the course of the project.

    If the bulk of your work is generally done at ground level, it may not be necessary or financially viable for the business to own heavy duty lifting devices.

    But no trade service will want to forgo a lucrative commercial contract based on a lack of the right gear.

    Depending on the size and scale of the job in front of you, a variety of both manual and powered equipment might be called upon.

    A boom-operated crane can get large sheets of glass and other tools up to the height required, at which point your team might rely on battery-operated sucker cups to help fit the panels securely.

    Crane hire is available to tradies who need elevated outdoor access to a structure for a brief period.

    For lighter jobs it may be possible to carry the glass with leather slings up an internal staircase or elevator.

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