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    Crane Industry Council issues public warning

    Published on 22 April 2014, Tuesday, 12:25 AM

    Some cranes located around Australia have been found to have counterfeit 'green stickers', according to the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA).

    The organisation issue these stickers to certify the machines have undergone recommended safety checks and have been certified by the Council as 'CraneSafe'.

    Cranes are assessed by third party health inspectors annually to ensure they are found in an adequate condition and meet all requirements for occupational health and safety.

    There have been three cases of counterfeit stickers spotted in Western Australia and Queensland in a two-week period.

    The counterfeit stickers pose a risk to operators and pedestrians alike.

    "If you come across a counterfeit CraneSafe 'Green Sticker' it will be wise to assume that the crane is unsafe and not compliant with Work Health and Safety Regulations including plant requirements," said Chief Executive of CICA, Alan Marshall.

    All cranes checked through the Cranesafe program are entered into a database, making it easy for CICA to track the counterfeit stickers.

    In order to ensure you are protected from any dangers posed by unsafe equipment, make sure you hire tools from a trusted and reputable organisation.

    Items such as cherry pickers and boom lifts as well as cranes and much more need to be maintained to stay in good condition.

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