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    Crommelins Machinery Compactor and Generator

    Published on 11 December 2017, Monday, 4:01 PM

    Hi, Darren from Crommelins Machinery. I was just talking about a few products here today.

    One of our main ones is our CC70 R Compactor. This compactor is a very good machine for use on sandy soils and for grass.

    We have another compactor, the CC90 R which is a very good unit for harder material, clay and gravel type products.

    We also have here today our P85 generator which is an 8.5 KVA and also comes with safety electrical switches as well, rear wheels to help move it about and a center lift for easy access onto back of utilities and that sort of thing.

    To hire any of our Crommelins products, see your local Kennards store.

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    Nathan Mills
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