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    Dad builds 55 metre high rollercoaster - so what can you make your kids?

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 12:25 AM

    A US father has made all his son's wishes come true by building him his very own rollercoaster in his back garden. 

    The project took around 300 hours and cost around AU$3,796, according to an article in Metro on May 5. Rollercoaster father Will Pemble also set up his own website, CoasterDad, detailing the project.

    While a rollercoaster may be a little ambitious for you back garden, you can certainly take some inspiration from this Dad. Here are some great ideas you could DIY in your back garden.

    Tree house

    Before you start building, it is essential to measure your garden and find the perfect tree for your plans. Choose a stable tree that is healthy and hardy.

    Once you have worked this out, you can begin to assemble the deck, frame and gable roof.

    Make sure you build the platform as close to the trunk as you can. If you are concerned about stability while you are constructing it, consider using a cherry picker or scissors lift for safety.

    There are three main support methods you can use to ensure your tree house is propped up adequately. You could either put support posts in the ground close to the tree, bolt the support beams to the tree of suspend it from tall branches using chains, rope or cables.

    The method best for you depends on how much weight will be held, the design of your house and the tree itself.

    Then add walls and a roof and voila! You have yourself a sturdy tree house.


    What kid doesn't want their very playground in their back garden? These can even be simple and natural to create.

    Tree stumps, for example, can be used to make a balancing game, or you could build your own sand pit - just make sure you hire an excavator so you can more easily move sand from one location to another.

    If you want to build a swingset, slide or climbing wall, you will need to start by building a four post fort, as this can form the foundation for any of these items.

    Put the frame together first before building the swing or slide and make sure that your timber is pressure treated, strong and durable.

    DIY garden

    All kids love to get dirty, so why not embrace this and let them design their own garden. This will teach them many valuable lessons along the way and they can help to grow food for meals too.

    This requires some supervision, however, as plants will not grow well if they are constantly being pulled up from the ground!

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