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    Different uses for cherry pickers

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 5:34 AM

    You’d be forgiven for thinking cherry pickers were strictly for construction and trade purposes, however there are a myriad of uses for these wonderful machines.

    Originally designed to be used in orchards, it makes sense that one great function of a cherry picker is for reaching the tops of fruit trees to collect fresh produce. Alternatively, they can be great for pruning hard-to-reach spots around the home or in parks.

    You'll often see cherry pickers employed in residential areas to fix street lights. Similarly, they can come in handy for fixing power lines. Firefighters have been known to use them for everything from rescuing cats stuck up trees to reaching people in tall buildings.
    Because cherry pickers are mobile they can be a lot more useful than ladders. Painters and window washers can drive the machines along buildings they're working on, and can access spots much higher up than ladders allow.

    Large sports games will often feature camera men (or simply the camera) atop cherry pickers. This allows for a unique perspective on the game, filming things from a bird's eye view angle.

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