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    Different uses for generators this summer

    Published on 10 May 2019, Friday, 12:56 PM

    Summer is truly the season of the great outdoors, and many Australians flock to far-off remote locations to enjoy the warm weather. This often means a lack of electricity, but never fear! Generators were invented for a reason, and the summer season is where they really come into their own.


    Camping is a classic Australian pastime, and for those of us who aren't too thrilled about going for days without running water and electricity, generators can be a godsend. What's even better is that National Parks in Australia permit the use of generators as long as hours of use and noise levels are observed, making camping easier than ever,

    Generators use fuel-powered engines to create electricity, allowing campers and travellers to power laptops, GPS systems, DVD players and even small cooking units. Mobile phones can remain charged with generators when camping, and those who can't live without hair dryers will be relieved to be able to maintain some grooming standards while camping in the middle of nowhere.

    Modern generators use inverter technology for quiet operation and are relatively compact and lightweight. This makes them easy to transport and use wherever the mood takes you, from the middle of the outback to a secluded rainforest location.

    Outdoor parties

    If you're planning a big bash somewhere without access to mains electricity, whether it's a summer beach wedding or a back-to-work party in your backyard, a generator is a great way to power up your sound system, speakers and lights.

    Even if you do have mains electricity available, it's a good idea to have a generator on hand in case the system gets overloaded and a fuse blows.

    Generators can also come in handy when it comes time for caterers or cooks to heat up food and power electrical appliances to get dishes ready. They can also help amplify speeches via microphone, which is especially useful in outdoor areas where traffic or nature noise can interfere with proceedings.

    Power cuts

    Blackouts aren't limited to winter, and the heightened temperatures during summer can make them even more tricky to navigate. Hot weather means you can quickly get very warm without electricity, and can also speed up the spoiling of food when your fridge and freezer stop working.

    Generators can power fans, provide backup energy to large electrical devices and generally help you deal with power outages much better than if you were left in the dark.

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