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    DIY bedroom lighting - Hemp string pendant light

    Published on 6 March 2013, Wednesday, 3:32 AM

    If you've just completed your DIY painting of a bedroom in your home, you may want to consider some ideas for what kind of lighting you will use.

    Instead of installing the usual light bulb, why not consider some other options? Here is a bedroom lighting idea to provide some inspiration.

    Hemp String Pendant Light

    You can install your light bulb as usual - opt for an energy-efficient bulb to make savings! - but add a hemp pendant fixture over the top to give a contemporary look to your bedroom!

    All you need to create this light fixture is a bouncy ball (9 inch diameter), a fair bit of hemp string (around 100 metres), scissors and clear craft glue.

    Use a sharpie to mark out a circle on the ball, which indicates the portion where the lamp will go and needs to be clear of string.

    Apply glue and start wrapping the hemp string around the ball. Use the inflating needle to deflate the ball and remove it from the lamp - then get ready to attach the fixture to your light!

    Make it your own!

    You can use the idea of the hemp string pendant light, but personalise it further by using different coloured string or adding sequins, glitter and fake gems for a girl's bedroom or dinosaurs and planets for a boy's bedroom.

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    Nathan Mills
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