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    Do your bit for the environment with garden DIY

    Published on 21 February 2019, Thursday, 4:45 AM

    A recent report from Turf Australia (released May 24) has highlighted the environmental benefits of increasing, or simply creating, your garden spaces.

    Garden landscaping doesn't have to be all about exotic fountains and stone pathways, as just a small about of vegetation can have a big effect.

    Griffith University's Urban Research Professor, Tony Hall carried out a study on the importance of the humble domestic backyard which was the basis of Turf Australia's report.

    He found that "vegetation surrounding the dwelling plays an important role in microclimate, storm drainage and biodiversity, having serious ecological implications".

    Turf Australia spokesperson Meredith Kirton said that even though outdoor living areas are "becoming smaller, it's more important than ever to utilise the space we have and to reap the benefits of green living, no matter how small it may be".

    She said that in smaller spaces, options like plant boxes, skirting and vertical gardens are increasingly popular.

    Other suggestions from the organisation included swapping every second paving stone for a turf square, as it looks great and lets moisture get into the water table.

    If you really have no space to watch the grass grow, consider vines, or water bowls to encourage natural cooling through evaporation.

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