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    Effective traffic management key to safety of workers, motorists and pedestrians

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 1:01 AM

    It's vital that whenever you're working with road construction or maintenance that you have the appropriate safety measures in place.

    This can include the use of traffic control equipment such as attenuators, road signs and variable message signs (vms).

    An article from the March 2013 eSAFE Construction newsletter, details why safe practices must be "paramount" at road construction works, with the 2011 - 2012 period alone seeing 182 workers' compensations claims involving traffic controllers.

    On one day in 2010, two traffic controllers were killed at separate civil construction roadwork sites.

    To help control risks associated with working on roads it's wise to consider the following detailed by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland:

    - Drive through the worksite to ensure that all signs, markings and delineation devices are clearly seen by other road users and are in the correct position

    - Move personnel clear of the work area during work breaks

    - Cover signs such as Prepare to Stop or Traffic Controller Ahead, if workers cannot be seen or leave the site

    - Park mobile plant clear of traffic lanes

    - Attend to any minor problems as they occur

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