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    Employment information for tradespeople in NSW

    Published on 23 January 2019, Wednesday, 4:14 AM

    While tradespeople can be somewhat autonomous when it comes to the completion of jobs and undertaking client interaction, adherence to workplace law is still an issue for both them and their employers.

    Sometimes it may seem like an overwhelming task to keep yourself up to speed with current legislation, rights and responsibilities as a worker or manager, apprentice or veteran - however the Fair Work Ombudsman aims to reduce the hassle.

    "We are very serious about our job of building knowledge and creating fairer workplaces and we are strongly focused on ensuring the community understands its workplace rights and obligations," asserted Fair Work Ombudsman Nicholas Smith.

    Representatives from the Ombudsman's office will be in Griffith, New South Wales this week to boost this understanding with offers of free advice and information for workers and employers.

    The Griffith City Council Library will host Fair Work inspectors on April 26 between 14:00 and 18:00 and on April 27 from 10:00 until 12:00.

    They will be able to help with inquiries about pay, work conditions and obligations under the workplace relations act and workplace law legislation including National Employment Standards and Modern Awards.

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