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    Fair Work Ombudsman to assist availability of industry info

    Published on 23 January 2019, Wednesday, 1:01 AM

    Any tradie will know that it takes a team to complete a project - from the suppliers to the developers to the nuts-and-bolts professionals.

    When a team is supported by industry and government guidelines the process can be aided, both in boosting efficiency and creating a more harmonious workplace atmosphere.

    To that end, the Fair Work Ombudsman has made the gathering of industry-related information a little easier for manufacturing sectors which play a key role in the chain of supply for Australian tradespeople.

    The initiative targets employers involved in the manufacture of metal products used as inputs in the construction of buildings and a variety of other structures, including doors, gates, window frames, staircases, trusses, scaffolding, sheds and gutters - and it offers a centralised point for important industry advice, document sourcing and other concerns.

    By visiting employers can make use of information about apprenticeships and traineeships, pay rates, terminations and redundancies, classifications, hours of work, breaks and leave entitlements.

    Fair Work Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson said today (April 13): "We have excellent resources available to assist employers in this industry to ensure they provide employees their full entitlements."

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    Nathan Mills
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