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    Federal gov't pledges support for apprentices and their employers

    Published on 24 January 2019, Thursday, 2:11 AM

    Apprenticeship support continues to be an important issue for the federal government and certain sectors may soon be reaping the benefits that maintaining strong training and education programs for the workforce can provide.

    Juniors and apprentices are an important cog in the wheel of the tradie tradition, so it is imperative that support for them and their employers is sufficient to keep the workforce skilled and adaptable.

    To that end, minister for skills Chris Evans has announced the awarding of 23 contracts across the country to assist with the provision of Australian Apprenticeships Support Services for apprentices and their employers, including job matching and centralised, nationally-consistent administration.

    "These new contracts will better support both employers, to meet the skills needs of their business, and apprentices to complete a life-changing qualification," senator Evans explained yesterday (April 30).

    The contracted support providers will ensure that apprentices and their employers have the resources needed to begin and complete training.

    The contracts will commence on July 1 and will streamline administrative processes, resulting in more consistent national standards and a clarification of the government's role in the system.

    Senator Evans stated: "Our reforms of the apprenticeship system will ensure Australians are in training today to fill the jobs of tomorrow."

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