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    Feng Shui tips to help you renovate your bathroom

    Published on 17 June 2014, Tuesday, 9:11 PM

    Those who believe in Feng Shui speak of its ability to improve finances, relationships and health.

    Your bathroom may not be the ideal location in terms of Feng Shui, because it is believed that chi, or positive energy, can escape down the many pipes and drains.

    However, there are a few changes you can make in order to improve the room's design to give your bathroom a vibrant and rejuvenated feel.

    Here are some tips to help you improve the chi in this space when you do some bathroom DIY.

    Add mirrors

    These reflective surfaces are recommended for the bathroom, as they can circulate positive energy. However, they need to be carefully positioned so that they do not reflect any negative, or dirty, energy. This means placing them so that they don't reflect the toilet.

    Clear clutter

    Clutter prevents chi from spreading. It is believed that clutter can cause good opportunities to pass you by as the chi can become stuck.

    Think about colour

    If you are planning on painting your bathroom or adding tiles, it is important to think about the colours you are going to choose.

    Soft colours are better than sharp colours, according to Eugen Spivak, a Feng Shui blogger. He says it is also important to balance all five elements in the bathroom. In order to do this, you should find a picture with the colours black, white, yellow, red and green as these represent the different elements - fire, wood, earth, water and metal.

    Healthy colours such as blues and greens will enhance those feelings of vitality, freshness and purification. Blue represents water, which is good for purifying and cleansing, while green represents new beginnings and growth.

    It is also important to incorporate white as this is a symbol of cleanliness and purity.

    Ventilation and lighting

    Keeping this room well ventilated and well-lit is a great way to encourage purification as well as renewal. This will help to create a bright and happy space, encouraging chi to spread.

    Add plants

    Incorporating a few plants into your bathroom can help to suppress bad energy, freshen the air and bring in vital energy.

    Add wood elements

    Wood can be used to balance out the water in the bathroom, to create a harmonious space. If you are planning a complete bathroom renovation, why not consider adding hardwood floors. These are easy to maintain and can create a natural look that is great for your home's chi.

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    Nathan Mills
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