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    Fines a reminder to tradies to secure their ute loads

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 6:16 AM

    There has been a timely reminder this week regarding the issue of ute loads, with a number of tradies in the Warwick region of Queensland being handed fines for failing to appropriately secure their goods and tools.

    According to Warwick Daily News yesterday (February 23), local residents have been hit with tickets for issues such as leaving shovels, water bottles and other miscellaneous items in the back of their vehicles - with loose items at risk of being lost on the road and endangering other motorists.

    Tradies have responded to the spate of fines, with some suggesting that their cause is not aided by the uncertainty surrounding the exact rules.

    But Warwick Traffic Branch sergeant Wayne Smith told the publication: "Whatever you're using to tie it down, you need to ensure it can't go backwards, up, sideways or forwards."

    The key take-home message for tradies right across Australia appears to be this - it does not matter how your load is kept in place, as long as there is no chance of it falling out of the vehicle.

    If you make sure everything is locked down or unable to escape with a tarp or net, you should not face any problems.

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