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    FloodSafe Week in Victoria

    Published on 15 February 2019, Friday, 4:17 AM

    The Victoria State Emergency Services (SES) has this week launched its FloodSafe Week initiative, urging Victorians to learn about protecting themselves against the threat of floods.

    FloodSafe Week aims to educate people on the dangers of entering flood waters.

    While minor flooding can seem like something of a game to the young ones (as it is such a novelty for them when they don't have a house to worry about!), there are a few things the SES would like you to remember.

    They suggest that noone would go anywhere near floodwater if they knew what was in it, and follow this up by saying that there's more to think about with water dangers than the risk of drowning.

    Victorians are urged to organise an emergency kit well ahead of flood warnings, and to make sure everyone in the family knows what to do in case of such an event.

    And simply, flood water is not for playing in, walking through or swimming in.

    Minister for Police and Emergency Services Kim Wells highlighted the dangers of these events, saying: "Don't be fooled. Floodwater may look placid on the surface, however under the surface it's a completely different story and it can change in a minute without warning."

    Dealing with floods can be dangerous and difficult. A generator hire from Kennards can cover you in case of a power outage, and trash and submersible pumps can be a huge help if flood water gets somewhere it shouldn't.

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