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    Floor cleaning tips for the new season

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 1:09 AM

    One great habit to have that can help ensure the cleanliness of your home, is to have a 'big clean' at the start of each season.

    Since autumn has just rolled around, it may be a good time to get cleaning away that sand that is lingering around on your floorboards!

    A good place to start with your seasonal cleaning blitz is your floors, with a little rub and polish helping to transform its look.

    Here are some floor cleaning tips that you can use this autumn!

    Rinse well

    While giving your floor a good clean with the soapy solution is an important part of the job, so is rinsing, with any soap residue left behind collecting dirt.

    One way to efficiently clean your floor is to use two mops - one for washing and the other for rinsing.

    Revive your timber flooring

    If your timber floor is scratchy looking and in need of more than just a vacuum and mop, then you might want to consider doing some floor sanding!

    This can help to get your floor looking smooth and equal, with a floor finish all you need to complete the fresh new look.

    Install doormats

    Don't put all your cleaning efforts to a waste, keep out dirt and other grime from the elements by using doormats!

    Place doormats outside your front door as well as in your entrance way to catch any dirt that may have escaped the first mat.

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    Nathan Mills
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