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    Funding to boost NSW's female tradies

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 4:10 AM

    The NSW government has shown its support for women in trades by investing $200,000 into innovative projects that assist female participation in "non-traditional trades".

    "We want the best ideas from local government, community organisations and industry bodies to work with the NSW Government to increase women in non-traditional occupations," said minister for women Pru Goward.

    "Organisations are eligible to apply for up to $25,000 from Investing in Women to boost women’s economic participation."

    Ms Goward said that they were encouraging projects which help women get into occupations where there was a 25 per cent or less female participation rate, such as cabinet makers, electricians and motor mechanics.

    "Funding for International Women’s Day grants for various small events has transitioned to this new funding program, with a further boost of $100,000," the minister said.

    She added that this supports the government's Women in Trades priority and the 2021 State Plan target to increase the proportion of women employed in non-traditional trades.

    Businesswoman and Master Painter Victoria Waring said the funding would help encourage more women like her.

    "I hope the new funding brings about more initiatives that make women in trades more socially acceptable, it will help normalise it," Ms Waring said.

    "I love being able to work in new locations every day, work my own hours and be financially independent. I don’t see any problems to being a woman in a trade; I love being a painter and would never do anything else".

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