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    FWBC maintains high standards among tradies

    Published on 21 August 2015, Friday, 1:50 PM

    There's no substitute for getting a reputable and competent tradesperson in to carry out work, and thanks to the efforts of one organisation, this could be simpler than ever.

    Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC) was established to stamp out malpractice across the industry by investigating claims submitted by industry or members of the public. It emerged in recent days that a total of 52 cases have now been presented in courts across the country, which far exceeds figures achieved by predecessor agencies the Building Industry Taskforce and the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

    "When we receive complaints they are treated equally regardless of whether they are in relation to conduct by unions, union officials, employers or employees," noted FWBC Director Nigel Hadgkiss.

    Over the course of the last financial year, courts were responsible for issuing $1.396 million in penalties. This further emphasises the fact that decisive action is being taken where it is needed.

    Mr Hadgkiss revealed that as the compliance clampdown continues, there's a growing need for more staff to be taken on at the FWBC. Investigative and legal teams have been expanded in order to ensure that unscrupulous operators are kept to an absolute minimum.

    Some groups are calling for the ABCC to be reinstated after it was scrapped back in 2012, including Master Builders Australia. However, this move was recently blocked by the Senate, although there are hopes that some of the regulations put forward by the ABCC may still be relevant.

    No matter whether you're relying on the services of a contractor or undertaking jobs around the home yourself, there's always a need for quality and reliable equipment. Kennards Hire can help with relatively minor tasks such as polishing concrete, or bigger projects that demand the use of skid steer loaders.

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