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    Generators may be in demand for a sweltering summer

    Published on 12 February 2019, Tuesday, 3:30 AM

    The searing heat has been packing quite a punch the last few days, with parts of Australia experiencing temperatures as high as 40 degrees.

    As a result of the high temperatures, the Bureau of Meteorology was reported to have added two new colours to its interactive weather forecasting chart, as it was extended to include 52 and 54 degrees.

    A report from The Border Mail said that based on data from the Australian Energy Markets Operator, NSW's electricity demand will be at its highest level since February 2011, as thousands switch on their fans to beat the heat.

    The Daily Telegraph reported (January 9) that thousands of people in Sydney were left without power, with supplier Ausgrid reporting failures across its network.

    In temperatures of 40 degrees, the last thing you would want is for your fan or air conditioner to stop working.

    Businesses and homes in urgent need of power can head to their nearest Kennards store to get their generator hire set up.

    There is a range of generators to choose from, whether you're in need of a heavy duty type or one that is portable.

    Silenced generators are also available for hire, contact your local Kennards hire centre for more details.

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